Saturday, March 14, 2015

What man can do in 'global village' surrounded by vast and chaotic jungle

From the early day of my youth, I had a feeling that living only in material world is just incomplete.

World of today looks as small 'global village', but really it is jungle, fast, furious and chaotic, and confusing in same way - or possible more - as wilderness in 30.000 BC was for first humans.

So, my gut feeling was that spiritual development isn't some kind of pastime for sensitive souls, but pure necessity of  the moment. Later, I had found many who agree with me, and so my life (I'm 41 now) was full of  spiritual adventures (and misadventures, of course).

Main theme of this blog will be - spiritual technologies, practices and recommendations for the people who don't run from the world into imaginary sanctuaries, but are willing and able to jump right into the center of this world-chaos. Both for sake of success, and for the fun of doing it.